• Clickstream Analysis and Enterprise Data

    The First Step to A Successful Predictive Behavioral Analytics Platform is Mastering Integrated Analytics

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A Solution Designed for the Digital Marketer

SYNTASA extends existing digital marketing analytics platforms with a real time and highly scalable big data solution. Open source technology that integrates and analyzes both online and offline data. This reveals deeper, targeted customer insights that go beyond descriptive analytics to predictive and prescriptive analytics that allow advanced decision making.

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A Fully Scalable and Interoperable Solution

Our solution integrates with existing data analytics platforms already in place, and big data machine learning and open source architecture accommodates the continuous growth of data sets. Our vendor specific expertise and a deep understanding of cloud based advanced analytics allows for rapid deployment – in the cloud or on premise.

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Increase your Online Sales

90% of companies don’t know who lands on their website. Real time behavioral segmentation and attribution modeling lets marketers create an immediate connection with every single visitor that lands on their site, including unknown visitors without a profile. Take advantage of first party data and dramatically increase sales.

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Create a More Personal Connection with Online Visitors

Improve real time marketing by providing the right content to the right person at the right time. Establishing an immediate connection with customers creates lasting relationships and secures loyalty.

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Make Better Business Decisions with Predictive Intelligence

Digital Marketing Data

Through an understanding of how data is analyzed and collected, SYNTASA can seamlessly integrate and migrate massive amounts of data to industry leading open source technologies currently used within organizations.

Data Science

SYNTASA applies sophisticated mathematical models and machine learning technology to online and offline data and integrates analytic outcomes with marketers’ content management and campaign management systems in real-time.

Data Vizualizations

Today, a marketer needs to be connected to data. SYNTASA’s integrated and controllable dashbaords were made for the marketer, allowing them to filter, drill down and summarize data in meaningful ways that clarify actions in real time.

Studies and Training

SYNTASA’S approach encompasses making sense of massive amounts of data, particularly while it’s still relevant, and translating it into actionable insight is a true benefit to digital marketers.