This is Going to be “Yuge”

December 15th, 2016 Posted by Analytics 0 thoughts on “This is Going to be “Yuge””

Behavioral analytics is great, let me tell you. I am firm believer in behavioral analytics. This is going to be Yuge!

If you want to make your business great again, you gotta know who your customer is. It’s a huge problem when you don’t use behavioral analytics to know your customers. We need to take our customer back to being great again. It’s gonna be massive.

Your customers are good guys. But when they’re shopping online, they want good deals. They want you to give them good deals.

Now, I know what customers want. Trust me, I do. The reason why I know what customers want is that I get them.

I get them because when they behave in a certain way on your site, I’ll know they’re not alone. It’s a movement. And I know if you take your time you’re one type of customer, and if you immediately click on a certain type of product you’re another type of customer.

And once I know what type of customer you are, I’ll know what you want. Because of what the other customers before you have wanted.

Now, this is not about identity. Black, white, young, old, rich, poor. When you go onto that website and you know what you want, you’re going to want the same deals, no matter who you are.

It’s so easy. For me, it is. It’s so simple, once you know that you gotta target your deals to your consumers based on their behavior.

It’s what they want, that’s what matters. We are all winners and we will make you great again. Knowing what they want will make you a winner. The best part is we’ll even tell you who your “rotten” visitors are and believe me there are many. It’s a ‘uge problem for companies.

And I’ve got so many wins already, I want you to win too.

How do you win? By knowing who you’re talking to. By segmenting. And trust me, behavioral analytics is the way to go if you want to reach people.

Now I’m a businessman, you’re a businessman too. You gotta be successful. That’s why you gotta use behavioral analytics. Let me tell you.

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